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7 Amazing Websites to do Free Online Courses with Certificate

ven when the coronavirus pandemic has not started and social isolation or physical distancing is not happening, online courses have been popular and widely used by many. This is made possible with the advance of technology. almost everything that is happening in the classroom can now happen by just using your smartphone or your desktop with an internet connection. You can now even finish the course in a few hours and receive a certificate instantly. You can now access different courses from different prestigious and world-leading universities with top instructors as well.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the killer sites where you can make this possible. Learn and get a certificate at your schedule, own place and from top universities and a wide variety of topics and categories. 

You can build your skills and have world-class learning with different courses, certificates, and degrees from 200 world class-leading universities and companies. 

You can find 3k+ courses and specialization courses, 13k+ professional certificates, 20k+ degrees and master track certificates. It is all online and can learn in your own time.

You can also apply what you learn with their self-paced quizzes and hands-on project and can get feedback from the global community.

From here, you can choose varieties of free online courses from different categories.
They are now even offering courses regarding Coronavirus.

You can choose your course according to course categories from IT, Language, Science, Health, Marketing, Business and many more.

Another way of choosing what to learn is by course type. It is either certificate courses, diploma courses, or learning paths. Certificate courses, it is built for learners of any ability or knowledge level and you can finish them in less than 3 hours to complete in a single topic. For diploma courses, you can find comprehensive training on a very important subject which you can be able to finish in 8-10 hours. This can give you a real boost and add something impressive to your resume. For the learning path category, these are a combination of niche courses that can broaden your skillset, progress your knowledge, or master a subject. This category takes you longer to finish. It ranges from 18 to 20 hours.

You can also choose courses for jobs. You choose your current life stage: high school/university student, starting your career or upskilling or seeking a promotion, then they will offer guidance or you can find courses for specific jobs.

Tesda Online program is an open educational resource that offers technical education to all Filipinos around the world. This is the government's way of delivering the program to a broader and wider range of audiences and users at a lesser or at no cost. 

Some of their top courses include tourism courses, automotive, agriculture, entrepreneurship, human health, information and technology, food processing and food and beverages. They are now also offering free courses related to COVID-19 management. 


You can do it at your own time and place and get a certificate of completion after. To get a national certificate, you need to visit the nearest assessment centre. 

Check this free online TESDA courses:

Since we are now living in a world of technology, technology courses have become popular and in-demand jobs. If you want to learn about technology or want to improve your knowledge and skills or want to change your career, particularly in coding, this online academy is for you.

You can choose what to learn from building websites or analyzing data. If you are not sure where to start, they will direct you. They will give you a custom recommendation according to your purpose of signing up, either as your hobby, school project or to learn technical skills. You can also explore on your own, your choice. No experience is needed, you will learn in writing code in minutes. They have real-world projects and tailor-made quizzes where you can test what you learn.

In Udemy, you can find the world's largest selection of online courses with top instructors around the world with new additions added almost every month. It is a mixture of free and paid courses but they are also offering discounts most of the time. 

You can have lifetime access and can learn at your own home and schedule. You can get personalized recommendations of course if you'll answer a few questions about your top picks. Their top categories include development, marketing, business, photography, personal development, health and fitness, IT and software and design.


This app which offers free and paid education courses is available in the App Store for iPhones and iPad. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to android or windows devices. You can also do it on the desktop if you prefer. You can access it in the upper right-hand corner of the iTunes store. It is categorized like iTunes, so it is friendly to use.

You can browse a rich catalogue of free education content from different leading schools, universities, museums and cultural institutions. Here, students can ask their instructor in 1:1 messages or start a discussion or join group discussions with your class.

This is considered the best free cultural and educational media on the web. It has 15oo free online courses from top universities around the world like MIT, Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard, Oxford and many more. Who doesn't want a certificate from these top universities, right?

Their top categories are Archaeology courses, architecture courses, art and art history courses, classic courses, communication courses, demography courses, design courses, economics and finance courses, film courses, food courses, geography courses, health courses, history courses,  journalism and writing courses, language lessons, law courses, linguistic courses, music and performing art courses, philosophy courses, political and international relation courses, astronomy courses, aeronautics courses, religion courses, biology courses, business courses, computer science courses, engineering courses, math courses, physics courses, personal development courses and psychology courses.

Enjoy learning!

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