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TESDA FREE ONLINE COURSE: Bread and Pastry Production NCII with Certificate

tudying online has become a trend nowadays. With almost everyone having the knowledge and skills to use a computer /smartphone, I don’t wonder why not. With every household having its own internet connection and with every individual having unlimited data on their phone, online courses are very in demand.

TESDA, a Philippines organization known for giving free technical courses to every Filipino did not doubt developing their online program. As of today, they are offering 68 free online courses to all interested Filipinos around the world. One of these is the Bread and Pastry Production NCII. You can do this even when you are not physically in the Philippines. You can do this even when you are just home and another bonus is that you can do this on your own time, free time.

This course, it teaches you the necessary knowledge and skills to become a baker and patissier. You can learn to produce, fill, decorate and present specialized sponges and cakes. It has 4 modules.


Module 1
It gives you an insight into cake making. It also tells you about occupational safety and hygiene, maintenance of tools and equipment used in baking and how you set up your workstation.

Module 2
Module 2, it tells you about the formulas and measurements you need in baking. From here, you can also learn the baking and production process.

Module 3
This is the production process. You will learn to prepare and make your favourite sponges and cakes.

Module 4
This module is the most exciting one. This is where you can showcase your creativity. You will learn how to fill and coat your cake. This is where you will also learn how to prepare your icing and how to decorate your cake. Yay, isn’t it exciting? And from there, you will be ready to present your creation. This module teaches you too, how to present your cake nicely. And of course, you will also learn how to store it.

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There you go. Congratulations! You will receive a certificate of completion after completing the course. 

Before that, you need to register and enroll in the course. Please click this LINK and it will lead you. This is a great opportunity for everyone. Keep learning!

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  1. Hello po,ask ko lang po kong pano makarenew ng certificate ng NCII ng expire xa last october lang po.Bread&pastry po.thanks



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