TESDA ONLINE COURSES WITH CERTIFICATE: Complete and Updated FREE TESDA Online Courses List in 2020

Going to school or studying can be too costly for many. But nowadays, the cost is not just the reason why people cannot afford to study. It ...

Going to school or studying can be too costly for many. But nowadays, the cost is not just the reason why people cannot afford to study. It is also the accessibility of the course that they like to take. With the pandemic going on, many schools have shut down or temporarily close because of lockdown or quarantine. But did you know, that you can now study for FREE and that you can do a course without living in your place or without attending school physically? Yes, it is 100% free and you can just do it online. This is through the initiative of TESDA.

What is TESDA?

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or widely known as TESDA is a Philippine government agency that manages and supervises the technical education and skills in the country.


To provide an effective and efficient and more accessible way of delivering technical education and skills for free or at a lesser cost to a wider range of Filipino citizens, the TESDA Online Program was developed.

TESDA Online Program can be accessed through their website www.e-tesda.gov.ph or you can download TESDA mobile app on your smartphones or tablets or iPADS and you can do it by following this for android users and this for apple users.


  • All Filipino citizens
  • Students
  • Out of school youth
  • Unemployed adults
  • Local and overseas workers
  • Professionals

What are the Benefits of Taking TESDA Online Courses

1. Learn at your own FREE TIME

This benefits people who are having a full-time job but wants to upgrade their resume or wants to have additional knowledge and skills. This can also be for students who want other additional useful information. This can also be for moms who are busy taking care of their children but wants to learn skills that can give them an additional source of income.

There is no course schedule for taking these online courses. It is you who will make your own timetable. Unlike in the classroom setting that you need to follow a teacher's schedule.

2. Upgrade/boost your resume for a Better/higher chance of employment

TESDA online courses can be an addition to your resume for better employment or a higher chance of being selected for a job or it can be for promotion in the workplace.

3. Can take as many courses as you want for free

TESDA online courses can be taken at no cost. As that being said, you can take multiple courses that you want to learn. As of now, there 68 online courses being offered from tourism courses to computer courses, agriculture courses and they are now even offering about COVID 19 courses. If you have lots of free time, you can take all of them for free. After each course completion, a certificate is awarded. If you are still not satisfied with you taking the course and you want to repeat the course, that's not a problem. You can retake the course and it is still for free.

4. Study at the Comfort of your Home

Studying online will give you more time to be with your family and even not leaving your family to learn and finish a course. With TESDA online program, all courses being offered are all done online.

You can learn just with your smartphone or with your tablets or Ipads or laptops/desktop. It is more stress-free than going to a physical school. No traffic. No hassle in travelling. No need to adjust and deal with your professors or classmates. And you can rest whenever you want.

5. Can have more business opportunities or income sources

Learning for free skills online can give you more ideas on which business to start or which side hustle you can do to help out the family for additional income. Many courses can give you skills which you can just start at home. Some of these courses are bread and pastry production, food processing, cookery course, computer system servicing, cell phone servicing, air-conditioner servicing, agriculture courses, massage therapy course, nail care. If you learn the said courses online for free, I'm sure it can help you and your family.

6. Saves you from High Learning Fee Expenses

If you study online, leaving your own place is not necessary. This saves you from the transportation expenses included when you study. You can wear your pyjama or home clothes to finish a course with TESDA. There is no need for you to buy a uniform for the school. This saves you from having a lot of used clothes/laundry as well which again saves you a penny. Going to school means you need to bring a lunch or eat and buy food outside. While if you are doing online courses, you can eat at home with what is available and the same food that your family will have.

How much Does TESDA Online Courses Cost?

As I've said, it is FREE. Absolutely 100% no tuition fee need for you to register, enroll and finish the course.

How Long is it to Finish the TESDA Online Courses?

The length of finishing the course depends on some factors:

  • It depends on what course you choose to enroll. Each course has a different length. Most of them can be finish in a few hours to days.
  • It depends on how much time you are giving to learn the course. The course is done according to your pace or free time. If you have more free time or give more time to learn the course that you enrolled in, the lesser time and the faster that you can finish the course.

What are the Requirements for TESDA Online Enrollment?

  1. A smartphone/laptop/desktop which is fully working
  2. An internet connection
  3. A valid e-mail address

How to Register in TESDA Online Program?

  1. To register for TESDA Online Program, you need to visit their website www.e-tesda.gov.ph. On their website, you need to click Log in and lead you to their sign-up page if you are new and not registered yet.
  2. Click the Create New Account. Fill out the necessary details in the form. Fill out all blanks with an asterisk (*) otherwise you cannot proceed. Make sure to remember your email address and password provided because you will need this throughout your course.
  3. After completing filling the forms, at the bottom click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.
  4. After clicking that, you will receive a link in the email address that you used to activate your account. Just click on that to let you activate your account. If you can't see it in your inbox, check your spam messages.
         NOTE: Due to the surge of enrollees because of the pandemic situation, sometimes you will not receive a confirmation message. TESDA is doing their best right now to accommodate enrollees. Manual confirmation is now being done. They are asking enrollees to log in to their accounts after 15-30 minutes.

How to Enroll in TESDA Online Courses?
  1. Go back to Log in page of TESDA Online Program. Put the email address and password that you used when you registered and created your account.
  2. Once you successfully logged in, You will be sent to their home page. In their navigation bar, you can see Courses, click it and it will show you all their offered courses.
  3. Click on the TESDA online course category that you are interested in. 
  4. Under each course category, there are sub-categories. Click on the link of the course sub-category that you want to enroll in.
  5. After clicking the link, it will show you the enrollment option. Click the "ENROL ME" button.
  6. A message will pop-up that you are enrolled in the course. From there you can start learning.
TESDA Online Program Courses 2020

Information Technology 
-Basic Computer Operation
-Computer Systems Servicing
-Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
-CAD / CAM Operation
-Animation (3D DIGITAL)

Microsoft Online Courses 
-Game Development
-Game Production Basics 1
-Developing 2D Games with HTML5
-Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity
-Software Development Fundamentals
-C# Fundamentals for Beginners

Udacity - Google Courses 
-Android Development for Beginners
-UX Design for Mobile Developers

-Food and Beverage Servicing
-Waiter Servicing
-Room Attendant Servicing
-Bus Boy Servicing

-Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests
-Guest Room Attendant Servicing
-Valet Servicing
-Public Area Attendant Servicing
-Laundry Servicing

-Preparing Sandwiches
-Preparing Egg Dishes
-Preparing Vegetable Dishes

-Cellphone Servicing
-Solar Night Light Assembly

-Fruit Grower

-Diesel Engine Tune-Up
-Automotive Battery Servicing

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition 
-Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing

Health, Social and other Community Development Services
-Massage Therapy
-Swedish Massage
-Thai Massage
-Shiatsu Massage
-Beauty Care (Nail Care)


What Certificate you can get after you Finish the Course?

After completing each TESDA online course, there is a certificate of completion being awarded which you can print. But if you want a national certificate, you can get it after finishing a face to face assessment by TESDA assessors near your place. This is when you are ready and if you wanted a national certificate.

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Filipino Cuisines: TESDA ONLINE COURSES WITH CERTIFICATE: Complete and Updated FREE TESDA Online Courses List in 2020
TESDA ONLINE COURSES WITH CERTIFICATE: Complete and Updated FREE TESDA Online Courses List in 2020
Filipino Cuisines
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