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Natural Hair Care Remarkable Benefits Of Black Sesame Seeds On Grey Hair

Men and women, grey hair appears at the age of 34 and 44. But some people under the age of 20 might encounter a premature graying of hair because of the genetic factors. Some facts that can affect grey hair are stress, pollution, aging, head massage, harsh hair products, nutritional consumption, and chronic disease.

We must have nutritional promoters that can provide the nutrients in our hair that we needed to stop these grays. One of the powerful sources of minerals and nutrients are black sesame seeds that can be useful and helpful to have healthy hair.

Here are the benefits that black sesame seeds for grey hair:

Black sesame seeds were used in traditional medicine because of its huge nutritional punch for many years now. These small seeds have excellent antioxidants such as sesamin, anti-aging effects, and are loaded with amino acids, vitamin E, minerals, and vitamin B like zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

Here are some health benefits that black sesame seeds can provide on our health:

Anti-aging Food

Sesame seeds contain several antioxidants like sesamol, sesamolin, and sesamin. These antioxidants combat various symptoms of aging which include wrinkles, hair loss, and graying of hair. It can stop cell damage and counter-attacking the result of grey hair.

Helps Treat Premature Graying

The oil that gets from sesame oil can help to maintain the natural color of our hair for a long period of time because of its darkening compounds. We can stop premature graying and maintain our hair healthy by massaging our scalp and hair every day with the oil.

Helps Improve Blood Circulation

Daily intake of black sesame seeds can help to enhance the health of our cardiovascular. It also helps to enhance the blood circulation in our body which can help our hair to receive the nutrients that it needed and nourish our hair.

Helps Protect Hair From Harmful UV Rays

Sesame oil is a regular sun-blocking tool. It can stop hair damages induced by the damaging rays of the sun which includes brittle, dry hair, and split ends with daily application of it. It can also protect your hair from the harmful effects that pollution can provide.

Helps Revitalize Damaged Hair

Sesame seeds contain a significant amount of penetrating compounds, vitamins, and minerals that can help to revitalize the hair by supplying the scalp and hair inside.

Helps Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Black sesame seeds can help to stimulate the healthy development of the hair. We do not need to worry anymore about balding and graying.

Helps Prevent Hair Damage

Damaged hair can result in premature graying. It is essential for us to nourish our hair. Creating a homemade hair mask with useful ingredients such as black sesame seeds can stop damage on our hair and give natural moisture. It is also essential that we consume foods that possess the nutrients required on our hair.

How to Use Black Sesame Seeds for Grey Hair
  1. Combine a few sesame seeds to steamed broccoli and seasoned with lemon juice.
  2. Combine sesame seeds in soup, stir fry, and salads.
  3. Combine sesame seeds on your juice or porridge.
  4. Mix yogurt and black sesame seeds. Use the concoction as a daily hair mask.

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